• How to use sterilized rubber surgical gloves for single use

    Disposable sterilized rubber surgical gloves are made of natural rubber latex, or a mixture of nitrile rubber latex, neoprene latex, styrene-butadiene rubber, thermoplastic elastomer solution, and styrene-butadiene rubber latex. Product must be sterile. The residual amount of ethylene oxide after...
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  • What is the difference between ordinary medical masks and medical surgical masks?

    The appearance of ordinary medical masks and medical surgical masks is almost the same, the only difference is the middle interlayer. The number of layers of ordinary medical masks is 2 layers, the number of medical surgical masks is 3 layers, the middle layer is the core of medical surgical mask...
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  • How to use the single-use debridement care package?

    Usually, it is inevitable that you will be injured by nibbling. If you have a small injury, you can apply alcohol or iodophor by yourself, and then put a Band-Aid on it. However, if the injury is slightly serious or the injury area is large or the wound is deep, you need to go to a professional m...
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  • Technical requirements and performance indicators of disposable surgical gowns

    Disposable surgical gown fabric is a medical protective fabric whose main function is protective performance. Barrier properties include the ability to prevent penetration of liquids and microorganisms. During medical procedures, medical personnel inevitably come into contact with the blood and b...
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  • What is the function of surgical drape

    What is the function of surgical drape

    A surgical drape is a surgical drape specially used to perform surgical operations on a specific part of a patient. The surgical drape has a hole for a specific surgical location, and the surgeon only needs to perform surgery on this preset hole. , using the surgical drape to avoid cross-infectio...
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  • How to use a disposable negative pressure drainage device

    Disposable negative pressure drainage devices are commonly used to treat conditions that require drainage of the thoracic and abdominal cavity. Negative pressure drainage can be used when pleural effusion and surgical extravasation occur. The disposable negative pressure drainage device consists ...
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  • What is the role of the one-time medical single? how to use?

    The main purpose of the single-use medical single-use is to prevent the penetration of bodily fluids in various operations, effectively isolate and prevent cross-infection, protect the surface of the operating table from contamination, and reduce the spread of pathogens such as bacteria and virus...
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  • Detailed instructions for single-use sterile catheterization kits

    1. Selection of the specifications of the catheter: If the urine needs to be exported due to hematuria, the relatively thick 18, 20 and larger catheters can generally be selected. If urinary retention occurs and needs to be catheterized, you can choose a ureter with a size of about 16. If there i...
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  • How to test the quality of disposable virus sampling tubes

    How to test the quality of disposable virus sampling tubes

    1. Technical requirements 1. Appearance requirements The appearance of the disposable virus sampling tube preservation tube is uniform, transparent, smooth, oil-free, and bubble-free; the preservation solution is colorless, transparent or light red, free of particles or impurities. 2. PH requirem...
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  • The role of disposable surgical pack

    If the surgical gown is just a casual work uniform, can the doctor work continuously for more than ten hours? For the requirements of the surgical gown, firstly, there should be no discomfort in wearing it, and secondly, it should not prevent the doctor from performing normal operations. Finally,...
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  • Personalized configuration of disposable interventional surgical kits

    Features: 1. It can absorb all the waste materials during the operation of the patient at one time, effectively preventing cross-infection. 2. Surgical gowns and surgical hole towels made of imported materials have strong absorption and anti-pollution properties. Surgical gowns with excellent air...
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  • The material of the surgical gown

    Surgical gowns are light, non-toxic and antibacterial, so they are used more frequently in medical units. It is also because of such good product characteristics that the frequency of use of the product in isolation and protection operations has increased. At present, in addition to medical insti...
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